Writer in Residence · 10/25/2012

Two Stories


“Twist, twist further. Back straight. Do you feel the deep stretch in your hip?” Kamini could feel it, releasing, opening, stretching. At the end of the class, she let go, floated.

“Come out of it slowly. Feel the changes, experience the emotions.” She wondered whether the supine forms beside her had also been remembering another happier life.”

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“Do the abandoned rooms have any memory of the fertility they once housed? The humidity of bodily activity seems to have left no trace. What I can see of the walls through the gaping panels of the doors, most of which hang off their hinges, is dry and crumbling. How do people who live around here pretend the building is — has ever been — benign? I cannot pass the government-yellow edifice fronted by the dreaded row of insemination chambers without staring into those empty spaces.”

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Indira Chandrasekhar started writing fiction with an increasing focus on the short story upon returning to India after more than 17 years abroad. She has a Ph.D. in Biophysics and prior to committing to fiction writing she studied the dynamics of biological membranes at research institutes in India, the United States and Switzerland. Indira is the founding editor of Out of Print, a new online literary magazine for short fiction from the subcontinent. Her work has appeared in places like Eclectica Magazine, The Little Magazine, and in the short story collection Vanilla Desires from Unisun Publications in whose annual competition she received recognition. Links to her published stories are available on her blog, Indi’s Blog.


posted by Stefanie Freele