Writer in Residence ยท 01/27/2011

+1 for a circle of friends?

in response to “Night Out” by John Ehrhardt

Most people don’t know what they want: I want to be introduced.

There was a time when I thought I was going to college. Then I went to community college and thought I would transfer to a four-year program. Then I thought about getting my associate’s degree.

There was a time when I thought my high school band was honestly pretty good. I never thought we’d make it, but I did think it was something I could do for money on the side. On the side of what I never figured out.

I read books. I still play guitar. I write things down sometimes that might even be worth reading. Maybe I could say for sure if I had friends that I could talk to about this kind of stuff. If it’s not Miller High Life, football, or Call of Duty 4, it might as well not exist.

Did you and your friends go to college? Do some of you write, paint, or draw, or make anything? Do you like wine? I don’t, but I feel like I could. My name is Stephen. I want someone to make me feel bad enough about myself to finally do something about it. I want to be inspired.

If you think I’m a good fit, maybe you can introduce me to your friends sometime.


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