Writer in Residence ยท 09/06/2010

Artifact 3

When explorers returned to the city they were bound at the gates and led to the library, where they recounted their journey to a monk or scribe. Once their tale was told, they were encased in leather and metal and thrown into dungeons to die.

Explorers subjected themselves to this willingly; their faith and knowledge of the outside demanded it. It was believed that one explorer would not die and that this immortal one would vanquish the city’s enemies, but this did not come to pass.

Carved across the back of the artifact: This new man to bring forth.

Don Antenen lives in Lexington, Kentucky, where he works at the public library and tries to play tennis. His poetry appeared in the inaugural issue of Monolith Magazine (http://monolithmagazine.wordpress.com/), and he edits an annual theory and poetry journal called Letters (www.lettersjournal.org).


posted by Amber Sparks