Writer In Residence Archives

Molly Gaudry, "Fit Into Me: Preface"

March 2014

Corwin Ericson, "Winter's End"

Corwin Ericson, "Three Swells"

Corwin Ericson, "Psychopathic Lefties"

Corwin Ericson, "Reporting Party"

Corwin Ericson, "The Year of the Moose"

Corwin Ericson, "The Mastery Chairs"

February 2014

Richard Melo, "Exhibit A: Dark Shadows"

January 2014

Lincoln Michel, "Monster Flicks"

Andrew Gallix, "The World Without Me"

Masha Tupitsyn, "On Robert Bresson"

Joanna Walsh, "Chroma Key"

December 2013

Karolina Waclawiak, "Antonioni"

Cari Luna, "Run"

Nicholas Rombes, "The Cut"

Nicholas Rombes, "Movie Writing"

November 2013

Ashley Ford, "What Burns in the Pit"

Daniel José Older, "RePrint: Victory Music"

Ashley Ford, "Revisits & Reprints"

Holly Goddard Jones, "The Other Things We Do: TV Baby"

September 2013

Helen McClory, "Wrap Up"

Steve Himmer, "Genco and Leelee"

August 2013

Jamie Iredell, "Goodbye August"

Charles McNair, "The Waters"

Amy McDaniel, "The End of Landers"

Andy Plattner, "Community"

Jesse Lichtenstein, "The End of the Evening"

Sam Reid, "Nowhere Fast"

Anthony Grooms, "Deucalion"

Blake Butler, "The Cage"

Susan Rebecca White, "Artifacts of a Marriage "

Scott Daughtridge, "Hand Check"

Darby Sanders, "Postcards"

Christopher Bundy, "Living Is Easy"

Collin Kelley, "How Fanny Got Her House"

Jamie Iredell, "Every Rainy Day"

Matt Sailor, "Man In Motion"

Anna Schachner, "Lion Tamer"

Tyler Stoddard Smith, "War Is A Dish Best Served Haute"

Charlotte Gullick, "from ONE-MAN RESERVATION"

Éireann Lorsung, "Some fragments [8]"

June 2013

Éireann Lorsung, "Some fragments [7] / in the kitchen"

Éireann Lorsung, "Some fragments [5]"

Éireann Lorsung, "Some fragments [4]"

Éireann Lorsung, "Some fragments [3]"

Éireann Lorsung, "Some fragments [2]"

Éireann Lorsung, "Some fragments [1]"

May 2013

Steve Edwards, "Do you love sentences?"

Steve Edwards, "Like Water"

Steve Edwards, "Temporize The Essence"

April 2013

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 19"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 18"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 17"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 16"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 15"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 14"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 13"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 12"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 11"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 10"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 9"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 8"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 7"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 6"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 5"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 4"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 3"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 2"

Letitia L. Moffitt, "Redwood, Chapter 1"

February 2013

David Rose, "Made In Bradford"

David Rose, "Jazz Quartet"

David Rose, "Brace Yourselves"

David Rose, "Honest Brokers"

October 2012

Stefanie Freele, "A Big Blue Round Blur of A Month"

Sarah Burt Howell, "Garbage Day"

Indira Chandrasekhar, "Two Stories"

Stephanie Barbé Hammer, "Seniors At War"

Cynthia Helen Beecher, "Drought"

David Wagoner, "Lost"

Simon Jacobs, "Intruders"

Randall Brown, "Watch"

Tania Hershman, "Life Burst Out"

Tara Masih, "November Heat"

Stefanie Freele, "Authors Marching In"

Marko Fong, "Forever Plastic"

September 2012

Nancy Freund, "Celebrate Good Times Come On"

Erin Foster Hartley, "Hot Tamale"

Mary Albanese, "Seven Horses and a Cow"

Elizabeth Hornor Boquet, "Two possibilities"

Robert Vaughan, "Mother/Father and Clown"

Nancy Freund, "Big Gecko Tango"

Tammye Huf, "Silver Spoons"

Jackie Wilson, "Photograph—Iceland"

Nancy Freund, "Driving the Smoky Red"

Adrienne Dines, "Coming Home"

Elizabeth A. Havey, "Forgiving"

Edward Fraser with Nancy Freund, "Bagel with Cream Cheese Relay"

Amber Dermont, "On Teaching"

Patrick Trotti, "Bloody Boots"

Nancy Freund, "Rapeseed"

Susan Taylor Chehak, "Dear Mr Fantasy"

Andrew Fraser, "Photography"

July 2012

Aaron Gilbreath, "Thoughts on Revision"

Matt Salesses, "Answers? Part II"

Matt Salesses, "Answers?"

Matt Salesses, "Listening and Tinkering"

Matt Salesses, "How We See Our Own Work"

Matt Salesses, "Revision in Action"

Matt Salesses, "Revision Round-Up"

Matt Salesses, "A Month of Revision"

May 2012

Serina Gousby, Nate Kamyron, Ashley Dixon, and Amari Flaherty, "I Wish"

Alejandro Hernandez, "Mills Sophia Clare"

Cierra Morson, "Let’s Play Bathroom"

Taylor McKinnon, "The Bookstore"

Serina Gousby, "Two Poems"

April 2012

Will Buckingham, "Signing off from Leicester, UK"

Hannah Stevens, "Her Dark Eyes"

Will Buckingham, "Yellow Crane Tower"

Kathleen Bell, "Wax"

Will Buckingham, "Cart or Horse?"

Jonathan Taylor, "Smiling List"

Bhagwant Kaur, "The Haunted Toymaker"

Will Buckingham, "Giving Stars to Nabokov"

Will Buckingham, "Biting Together"

March 2012

Jinhwan Kim, "Curse, Love, Water"

A Conversation between Teacher and Student, "Vulgar, Honest, Pissed Off, and Free"

Christina Beard, "Nixie Nostalgia"

Jessica Karle Heltzel, "The Sharpwriter"

February 2012

Sara Levine, "The Characters Who Aren't Clubbable"

January 2012

Madeleine D'Arcy, "Return to Chez Dora"

Alexander Lumans, "Acknowledge the Corn"

Angela Woodward, "The Christmas Thing"

Peter Grandbois, "The Peach"

Matthew Salesses, "Spinning Globes"

Robb Todd, "Blues Harp"

Heather Fowler, "A Faerie Tale"

Craig Medvecky, "Flaragen O’Melverney"

AD Jameson, "Roses"

Will Buckingham, "George's Devil"

Sandi Sonnenfeld, "Blue Ash"

Court Merrigan, "Concrete Steel Forest"

Buzz Mauro, "The Walk Home"

JA Tyler, "One-Part Water"

Gary Percesepe, "Gail"

Janet Freeman, "Seize The Day"

Robert Kloss, "A Summer Theft"

Lauren Becker, "Wanna Be A Cowgirl"

Matt Bell, "Blanket"

Nick Ripatrazone, "Pursell"

Jenny Halper, "Rare Animal Facts"

Myfanwy Collins, "Snap"

Joey de Francesco, "Bang, Bang"

Joseph Young, "The Guides to Ossabaw"

Ellen Parker, "Not Cool"

Molly Gaudry, "Rain"

Scott Garson, "Starts"

Marcus Speh, "Fox"

Kim Chinquee, "Till"

Robert Vaughan, "Wrestling with Genetics"

Kathy Fish, "Spotting a Bear"

October 2011

Scott Rettberg, "Thanks and the Last Volcano"

Scott Rettberg, "Kind of (Blue) Crazy"

Scott Rettberg, "Kind of Blue: Recv'd"

Scott Rettberg, "Kind of Blue: Jealous"

Scott Rettberg, "Kind of Blue: Kiss"

Scott Rettberg, "Kind of Blue: Desire"

Scott Rettberg, "Kind of Blue: Passion"

Scott Rettberg, "Kind of Blue: Parting"

Scott Rettberg, "Kind of Blue: Chin Up"

Sandy Florian and Talan Memmott, "Nameless Films"

Talan Memmott, "Ingenstans"

Dirk Stratton, "A Casual Introduction"

Dirk Stratton, "Intervention"

William Gillespie, Scott Rettberg, and Dirk Stratton with Frank Marquardt, "From The Unknown: Dirk Stratton's Last Will and Testament, Dirk's Last Wish, After His Death, Dirk Floated"

William Gillespie, Scott Rettberg, and Dirk Stratton with Frank Marquardt, "From The Unknown: Unfathomably, We Won a Shit Load of Awards"

William Gillespie, Scott Rettberg, and Dirk Stratton with Frank Marquardt, "From The Unknown: How We Trashed the Hotel Room, Boston, The First Time William Was in Space"

William Gillespie, Scott Rettberg, and Dirk Stratton with Frank Marquardt, "From The Unknown: Paris Miller, Dublin, Dirk is Cuchulainn"

William Gillespie, Scott Rettberg, and Dirk Stratton with Frank Marquardt, "From the Unknown: Fall at the House of John Barth"

William Gillespie, Scott Rettberg, and Dirk Stratton with Frank Marquardt, "From The Unknown: Hypertext of the Unknown, Trip, Innocent, Illinois, Denver"

Scott Rettberg, "Hands"

Scott Rettberg, "Dear Necessary Readers,"

September 2011

Jess Stoner, "Walking Away from the Buffet"

Chris N. Brown (aka Chris Nakashima-Brown), "SF for MFAs"

Jess Stoner, "Poets on Fiction"

Işıl Eğrikavuk, "Infamous Library"

Elizabeth Ellen, "Prepare for Bloat"

Alexander Lumans, "The Dictionary of Your Fears"

Travis Macdonald, "The O Mission Repo"

Jac Jemc, "Prowlers"

Meghan Austin, "The Roommate, Ritz"

August 2011

Brian Kiteley, "The Third Person vs. the First Person"

Jennifer Denrow, "From The Racer Stories"

Brian Kiteley, "The Physics of Travel"

Marream Krollos, "The Weather"

Brian Kiteley, "Fragments and Images"

Susan Stinson, "Bundling"

Christine Gardiner, "The First and Final Season"

Richard Froude, "Our Past"

Erik Anderson, "From Estranger"

Brian Kiteley, "Antikythera"

Brian Kiteley, "A Book of Quotes"

Brian Kiteley, "Research and Fiction"

Stephen Mounkhall, "The Gleaming of Beryl"

July 2011

Amy Marcott, "The Mechanics of Love"

Lily Hoang, "What He Saw"

Robert Kloss, "The Affliction"

Renee Mallett, "Swarmed (excerpt)"

Tim Horvath, "What We're Gonna Do"

June 2011

Terri Griffith, "All that Begins Must End"

Terri Griffith, "First Chapter"

Terri Griffith, "Chapter One"

Terri Griffith, "Chapter 1"

Terri Griffith, "Safety Sense"

Terri Griffith, "Build a Better Future"

Terri Griffith, "Where do I begin?"

May 2011

Kevin Fanning, "Interview with A.M. Robinson"

Kevin Fanning, "Hello. I'm Stressed."

April 2011

Jeff Vande Zande, "The Slow Moon Climbs, Chapter 15"

March 2011

Ethel Rohan, "Signing Out"

Éilís Ní Dhuibhne, "Goldfinch in the Snow"

Bernie McGill, "What I Was Left"

Kevin Spaide, "Islands"

Jon Boilard, "Dark Days"

Nuala Ní Chonchúir , "By Ballytrasna"

Mairéad Byrne, "A Heap Of Snow"

David Mohan, "Polishing"

Eimear Ryan, "Cold Cuts"

Tania Hershman, "Graveside"

Philip O'Ceallaigh, "My Secret War"

Madeleine D'Arcy, "Clocking Out"

February 2011

Michelle Bailat-Jones, "celebrating the impossibilities"

Margaret Fletcher Saine, "tokyo fishermen"

Pauline Blatt, "Social Experiment"

Michelle Bailat-Jones, "heartbeat"

Michelle Bailat-Jones, "Translating Christina"

Margaret Fletcher Saine, "St. Tropez"

Laure Mi Hyun Croset, "Indiscretion"

Michelle Bailat-Jones, "knots"

Céline Cerny, "The Settler"

Michelle Bailat-Jones, "Unlikely Spaces"

January 2011

Casey Hannan, "Fabulous Lightning"

Jennifer Marie Donahue, "How We Burn"

S. Craig Renfroe, "The Banshee"

Amber Sparks and Robert Kloss, "What We Dream About the Fathers"

Nick Ripatrazone, "The Good Children Hunt"

Heather Fowler, "Good Country. People."

Doug Paul Case, "Upon a Line by Rick Moody"

Joe Kapitan, "Island Diptych"

Alan Stewart Carl, "Stars Like Glass"

Tim Dicks, "Sugar Angel"

Jimmy Chen, "Molly of Moline"

December 2010

Robert Kloss, "The Clown Show"

Matt Bell, "___________"

Christopher Higgs, "Clown How She Said"

Molly Gaudry, "Erasure"

Craig Medvecky, "Columbine and Harlequin"

Charles Dodd White and Matthew Salesses, "A Holiday Remix Double Feature"

Andrew Borgstrom, "In the Lost"

Cory Lahue, "Long Days"

James Tadd Adcox, "The Final Room"

Laura van den Berg, "Acrobat"

Molly Gaudry, "Halloween Sestina"

Craig Medvecky, "2nd Contact"

Charles Dodd White, "The Sweet Sorrowful"

Andy Devine, "Plots"

Amber Sparks, "The Sleepers"

James Tadd Adcox, "The Rise of Dr. Fu-Manchu"

Andrew Borgstrom, " from: Around Here"

Christopher Higgs, "Fiji & the Grocery Store"

Robert Kloss, "The Remix Project"

Gina Frangello, "The Body Parts Series"

Gina Frangello, "Hello and "Cafe de Flore""

October 2010

Peter Grandbois, "Farewell and Thanks"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #18"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #17"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #16"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #15"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #14"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #13"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #12"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #11"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #10"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #9"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #8"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #7"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #6"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #5"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #4"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #3"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #2"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: Window #1"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus: The Door"

Peter Grandbois, "School Bus (A Novella)"

September 2010

Amber Sparks, "Thank You and a Little Something More"

Sheldon Compton, "Artifact 24: Textbook"

Chantel Louise Tattoli, "Artifact 29: Do Remember Me"

Matt Kirkpatrick, "Artifact 1: Artifact One"

John Minichillo, "Artifact 11: Artifact XI"

Don Antenen, "Artifact 3"

August 2010

Matt Briggs, "The Remains of River Names"

Matt Briggs, "Lalla, Chuckachucka"

Matt Briggs, "Sleep Dummy"

Matt Briggs, "Hobo Tree"

Matt Briggs, "Exclusive"

Matt Briggs, "Junk"

Matt Briggs, "Sewage Lagoon"

Matt Briggs, "Jolly Rancher"

Matt Briggs, "Corona"

Matt Briggs, "Super Sport"

Matt Briggs, "Foot by Foot"

Matt Briggs, "List - Low Life Lit"

Matt Briggs, "Nightcrawlers"

Matt Briggs, "Aqua"

Matt Briggs, "Rehabilitation"

Matt Briggs, "The Lake on Mars"

Matt Briggs, "Expose No Buttons"

Matt Briggs, "A Carpeted Room"

Matt Briggs, "All Sales Final"

Matt Briggs, "My Name’s Roy"

July 2010

William Walsh, "Guitar Event"

William Walsh, "Bunny"

William Walsh, "Simpsons Marathon"

William Walsh, "Calendar Sisters"

William Walsh, "Zoo Story"

William Walsh, "The Terms of My Parole"

William Walsh, "Requited"

William Walsh, "Wink"

William Walsh, "Analog"

William Walsh, "My Secret Brand"

William Walsh, "Sibella"

William Walsh, "Direct Address"

William Walsh, "DOB...RIP"

William Walsh, "Chick Magnet"

William Walsh, "Portions Toll"

William Walsh, "Gallop"

William Walsh, "Pathology"

William Walsh, "Comfort Food"

William Walsh, "Twin Thing"

William Walsh, "Scale"

William Walsh, "Pegs"

William Walsh, "Kidz Love Klezmer"

William Walsh, "TONSURE"

William Walsh, "The Kennedys"

William Walsh, "Sleepwalking Man"

June 2010

Roxane Gay, "From a Nebula a Star is Born"

Mel Bosworth, "Full Form"

Lily Hoang, "Martha in Love"

Jen Michalski, "Cagarse en la leche"

Lauren Becker, "His Days"

Amy McDaniel, "Time/change"

Roxane Gay, "Robb Todd Reflects"

Marcelle Heath, "Goodnight Dogs"

Erin Fitzgerald, "The Year Away"

Roxane Gay, "xTx Reflects"

xTx, "Ready"

Tim Jones-Yelvington, "The Subway Station"

Roxane Gay, "Bad Waitresses"

Roxane Gay, "Naked"

Roxane Gay, "Ben White Reflects"

Jensen Beach, "Peafowl"

Roxane Gay, "Ryan Call Reflects"

Brandi Wells, "Other Woman"

M. Bartley Seigel, "Leroy Knows Things"

Roxane Gay, "Between Things"

Roxane Gay, "Works in Progress"

Ethel Rohan, "Make Over"

Ken Baumann, "Tom Jane"

Paula Bomer, "Homesick"

Roxane Gay, "I Reside In June"