Book Reviews

July 2021

Higher Ground by Anke Stelling | reviewed by Connor Harrison

The Paper Garden by Caitlin Vance | reviewed by Tess Gunty

Late Summer by Luiz Ruffato | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller | reviewed by Ceillie Clark-Keane

June 2021

And Then the Gray Heaven by RE Katz | reviewed by Elizabeth Holli Wood

Catch the Rabbit by Lana Bastašić | reviewed by Elizabeth Smith

May 2021

Spirits of the Ordinary by Kathleen Alcalá | reviewed by Laura Falgione

Havana Year Zero by Karla Suárez | reviewed by Gillian Esquivia-Cohen

In the Event of Contact by Ethel Rohan | reviewed by Connor Harrison

Trafik by Rikki Ducornet | reviewed by Jen Fawkes

Tropicália by Ananda Lima | reviewed by Brenna McPeek

April 2021

Strange Children by Sadie Hoagland | reviewed by Emily Webber

An I-Novel by Minae Mizimura | reviewed by Jasmine Liu

March 2021

Faultland by Suzy Vitello | reviewed by Elizabeth Holli Wood

Call It Horses by Jessie van Eerden | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

In the Company of Men by Véronique Tadjo | reviewed by Matt Matros

February 2021

The Trouble With Language by Rebecca Fishow | reviewed by Connor Harrison

Edendale by Jacquelyn Stolos | reviewed by Tess Gunty

The Invention of Love by Sara Schaff | reviewed by Brenna McPeek

January 2021

Moonflower, Nightshade, All the Hours of the Day by JD Scott | reviewed by Jacquelyn Stolos

The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKay | reviewed by Connor Harrison

Machines of Another Era by Bess Winter | reviewed by Jen Fawkes

December 2020

Bolt From The Blue by Jeremy Cooper | reviewed by Kit Maude

Marlene by Philippe Djian | reviewed by Susan Jupp

November 2020

Kingdomtide by Rye Curtis | reviewed by Darcie Abbene

October 2020

The Bitter Kind by Tara Lynn Masih and James Claffey | reviewed by Tessa Yang

Directory by Christopher Linforth | reviewed by Sean Hooks

September 2020

Cargill Falls by William Lychack | reviewed by Jan K. Nielsen

August 2020

The New American by Micheline Aharonian Marcom | reviewed by Renee Macalino Rutledge

Known By Heart by Ellen Prentiss Campbell | reviewed by Ginger Eager

Suncatcher by Romesh Gunesekera | reviewed by Eric Nguyen

May 2020

Beginning with Cannonballs by Jill McCroskey Coupe | reviewed by Jessica Crandall

Hurricane Season by Fernanda Melchor | reviewed by Gillian Esquivia-Cohen

March 2020

Parade: A Folktale by Hiromi Kawakami | reviewed by Judy T. Oldfield

February 2020

Temporary by Hilary Leichter | reviewed by Meg Matthias

January 2020

Ghost Engine by Christian TeBordo | reviewed by John Thurgood

Labyrinth by Burhan Sönmez | reviewed by Rachael Nevins

No Good For Digging by Dustin M. Hoffman | reviewed by Patrick Boyd

Pain by Zeruya Shalev | reviewed by Eric Nguyen

December 2019

American Grief in Four Stages by Sadie Hoagland | reviewed by Emily Webber

November 2019

Metropolitan Stories by Christine Coulson | reviewed by Susan Jupp

Extinction Events by Liz Breazeale | reviewed by Kat Solomon

October 2019

Happy Like This by Ashley Wurzbacher | reviewed by Patrick Boyd

September 2019

The Capital by Robert Menasse | reviewed by Giacomo Bagarella

Human Matter by Rodrigo Rey Rosa | reviewed by Eric Nguyen

August 2019

Gravity Well by Melanie Joosten | reviewed by Kat Solomon

We Love Anderson Cooper by R.L. Maizes | reviewed by Laura Moretz

July 2019

A Girl Goes Into The Forest by Peg Alford Pursell | reviewed by Lisa Slage Robinson

June 2019

Choke Box by Christina Milletti | reviewed by Kat Solomon

May 2019

Miss Jane: The Lost Years by Kat Meads | reviewed by Mary Jo Bona

Alligators in the Night by Meg Pokrass | reviewed by Niles Reddick

Her Adult Life by Jenn Scott | reviewed by Mary Lannon

April 2019

Portrait of Sebastian Khan by Aatif Rashid | reviewed by Anna Press

If The Ice Had Held by Wendy J. Fox | reviewed by Patrick Thomas Henry

Girl Zoo by Aimee Parkison and Carol Guess | reviewed by Kaja Rae Lucas

March 2019

The Wolf Tone by Christy Stillwell | reviewed by Diane Josefowicz

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker | reviewed by Gerard Marconi

February 2019

Falling and Other Stories by Ben Stoltzfus | reviewed by Roch C. Smith

Honey in the Carcase by Josip Novakovich | reviewed by Anna Press

Parts Per Million by Julia Stoops | reviewed by Christi Craig

January 2019

Desire: A Haunting by Molly Gaudry | reviewed by shome dasgupta

December 2018

Messiah Tortoise by James R. Gapinski | reviewed by Nicole Rivas

November 2018

Thank Your Lucky Stars by Sherrie Flick | reviewed by Jo Varnish

Meet Behind Mars by Renee Simms | reviewed by Sarah Neilson

October 2018

White Dancing Elephants by Chaya Bhuvaneswar | reviewed by Brandon Stanwyck

Uncommon Miracles by Julie C. Day | reviewed by Laura Nicoara

September 2018

Pretend We Live Here by Genevieve Hudson | reviewed by Sarah Neilson

Warnings from the Future by Ethan Chatagnier | reviewed by Avee Chaudhuri

New Micro: Exceptionally Short Fiction | reviewed by Rachael Nevins

August 2018

Terrarium by Valerie Trueblood | reviewed by Caleb Tankersley

We Kiss Them With Rain by Futhi Ntshingila | reviewed by Tara Cheesman

July 2018

Floating Notes by Babak Lakghomi | reviewed by Stephen Mortland

Eventide by Therese Bohman | reviewed by Susan Jupp

Have Fun In Burma by Rosalie Metro | reviewed by Peter Biello

June 2018

Maybe Esther by Katja Petrowskaja | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Monster Portraits by Del Samatar and Sofia Samatar | reviewed by Eric Andrew Newman

Never Anyone But You by Rupert Thomson | reviewed by Susan Jupp

May 2018

The Unmapped Country: Stories and Fragments by Ann Quin | reviewed by Matthew Spencer

Break.up by Joanna Walsh | reviewed by Steve Himmer

A Million Drops by Víctor del Árbol | reviewed by Marina Sofia

April 2018

Monte Carlo Days & Nights by Susan Tepper | reviewed by Cynthia Teramae

Whiskey & Ribbons by Leesa Cross-Smith | reviewed by Brandon Stanwyck

Love by Hanne Ørstavik | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Restless Souls by Dan Sheehan | reviewed by Michele Leavitt

Black Sugar by Miguel Bonnefoy | reviewed by Aleksandra Appleton

March 2018

Mammother by Zachary Schomburg | reviewed by John Thurgood

In The Distance by Hernan Diaz | reviewed by Daniel Davis Wood

Maranatha Road by Heather Bell Adams | reviewed by Patrick Thomas Henry

February 2018

Like a Champion by Vincent Chu | reviewed by Caleb Tankersley

ActivAmerica by Meagan Cass | reviewed by Peter Biello

Marlena by Julie Buntin | reviewed by Brian Seemann

The Hummingbirds by Ross McMeekin | reviewed by Brandon Stanwyck

January 2018

A Heart Hemmed In by Marie NDiaye | reviewed by Jonathan Vander Woude

A Place of Timeless Harmony by Curt Eriksen | reviewed by Lacy Arnett Mayberry

The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist | reviewed by Rachel Cordasco

Of Darkness by Josefine Klougart | reviewed by Erica Soon Olsen

Temporary People by Deepak Unnikrishnan | reviewed by Liam Bishop

December 2017

Book of Mutter by Kate Zambreno | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Queen of Spades by Michael Shou-Yung Shum | reviewed by Aleksandra Appleton

Behind the Eyes We Meet by Mélissa Verault | reviewed by Bronwyn Averett

November 2017

The Disintegrations by Alistair McCartney | reviewed by Michael Browne

Planet Grim by Alex Behr | reviewed by Caleb Tankersley

October 2017

Three Floors Up by Eshkol Nevo | reviewed by Marina Sofia

Beyond the Rice Fields by Naivo | reviewed by Amalia Gladhart

Cake Time by Siel Ju | reviewed by Mike Marshall Wilson

The Fabrications by Baret Magarian | reviewed by Ruairi Conneely

September 2017

The Things We Do That Make No Sense by Adam Schuitema | reviewed by Brian Seemann

Near Haven by Matthew Stephen Sirois | reviewed by Brandon Stanwyck

Aberrant by Marek Šindelka | reviewed by Hannah Weber

Dear Cyborgs by Eugene Lim | reviewed by Thomas Michael Duncan

August 2017

Glory Days by Melissa Fraterrigo | reviewed by Céline Keating

Not One Day by Anne Garréta | reviewed by Rachel Mack

And Then by Donald Breckenridge | reviewed by Michael Browne

July 2017

Hair Everywhere by Tea Tulić | reviewed by Hannah Weber

The Weight of Him by Ethel Rohan | reviewed by Joe Kapitan

Stephen Florida by Gabe Habash | reviewed by Caleb Tankersley

Atlantic Hotel by João Gilberto Noll | reviewed by Matthew Spencer

June 2017

Seeing People Off by Jana Beňová | reviewed by Bronwyn Averett

The Spoils by Casey Pycior | reviewed by Emily Hoover

Vessel and Solsvart by Berit Ellingsen | reviewed by Kenny Mooney

May 2017

Inheritance from Mother by Minae Mizumura | reviewed by Patrick Thomas Henry

Play House by Saikat Majumdar | reviewed by Wendell Mayo

Colonel Lágrimas by Carlos Fonseca | reviewed by Pedro Ponce

I Brake for Moose by Geeta Kothari | reviewed by Nadia Ghent

April 2017

A Field Guide to Murder and Fly Fishing by Tim Weed | reviewed by Matthew Stephen Sirois

Massive Cleansing Fire by Dave Housley | reviewed by Brian Seemann

Agnes by Peter Stamm | reviewed by Taryn Grant

Kinship of Clover by Ellen Meeropol | reviewed by Céline Keating

March 2017

None Like Her by Jela Krečič | reviewed by Michael Browne

Our Dreams Might Align by Dana Diehl | reviewed by Rachel Richardson

Letters from Dinosaurs by Leland Cheuk | reviewed by Kirsten Major

February 2017

Between Life and Death by Yoram Kaniuk | reviewed by Thomas Michael Duncan

The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen | reviewed by Emily Hoover

Isra Isle by Nava Semel | reviewed by Peter Grandbois

Heirlooms by Rachel Hall | reviewed by Amalia Gladhart

January 2017

In Their Arms by Thomas Moore | reviewed by Michael Browne

Thursday 1:17 p.m. by Michael Landweber | reviewed by Steven Felicelli

Land of Love and Ruins by Oddný Eir | reviewed by Caleb Tankersley

When the World Wounds by Kiini Ibura Salaam | reviewed by Aram Mrjoian

Deer Michigan by Jack C. Buck | reviewed by Simon Pinkerton

December 2016

The Winterlings by Cristina Sánchez-Andrade | reviewed by Matthew Spencer

The Last Wolf & Herman by László Krasznahorkai | reviewed by Justin Stephani

Beastlife by J’Lyn Chapman | reviewed by Erica Olsen

November 2016

The Loved Ones by Sonya Chung | reviewed by Aram Mrjoian

Staggerwing by Alice Kaltman | reviewed by Sophie van Llewyn

Whiskey, Etc. by Sherrie Flick | reviewed by Casey Pycior

October 2016

The Honeymoon by Dinitia Smith | reviewed by Patrick Thomas Henry

The Sea-Wave by Rolli | reviewed by Kirsten Major

Blackass by A. Igoni Barrett | reviewed by Rachel Mack

The Prose of the Mountains by Aleksandre Qazbegi | reviewed by Sophie van Llewyn

Bad Faith by Theodore Wheeler | reviewed by Greg Walklin

September 2016

Wendy J. Fox by The Pull of It | reviewed by Patrick Thomas Henry

The Silver Ghost by Chuck Kinder | reviewed by Curtis Smith

Natural Wonders by Angela Woodward | reviewed by Anthony Michael Morena

August 2016

Souvenirs and Other Stories by Matt Tompkins | reviewed by Eric Andrew Newman

The Bowl with Gold Seams by Ellen Prentiss Campbell | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Bull and Other Stories by Kathy Anderson | reviewed by Rachel Mack

Daughters of Monsters by Melissa Goodrich | reviewed by Carolyn DeCarlo

Bystanders by Tara Laskowski | reviewed by Lisa Heidle

July 2016

Movie Stars by Jack Pendarvis | reviewed by Luke Geddes

Tyler's Last by David Winner | reviewed by Olivia Kate Cerrone

Poor Advice by Lou Gaglia | reviewed by Catherine Carberry

Beautiful Ape Girl Baby by Heather Fowler | reviewed by Christopher Allen

HAH by Birgül Oğuz | reviewed by Subashini Navaratnam

Over the Plain Houses by Julia Franks | reviewed by Bronwyn Averett

War, So Much War by Mercè Rodoreda | reviewed by Tony Malone

Roxy by Esther Gerritsen | reviewed by Thomas Michael Duncan

Juventud by Vanessa Blakeslee | reviewed by Caleb Tankersley

Welcome to Christiania by Fred Leebron | reviewed by Leland Cheuk

April 2016

Gateway to Paradise by Matthew Vollmer | reviewed by Bridey Heing

Waste by Andrew F. Sullivan | reviewed by John Baum

The Best Small Fictions 2015 | reviewed by Olivia Kate Cerrone

The Benedictines by Rachel May | reviewed by Rachel Mack

March 2016

Single Stroke Seven by Lavinia Ludlow | reviewed by Alex Kudera

The Loss of All Lost Things by Amina Gautier | reviewed by Rebecca Hussey

Cuban Science Fiction | reviewed by Adam Morgan

Fake Fruit Factory by Patrick Wensink | reviewed by Peter Biello

February 2016

Academy Gothic by James Tate Hill | reviewed by Brian Seemann

Seeing Red by Lina Meruane | reviewed by Amalia Gladhart

Benchere in Wonderland by Steven Gillis | reviewed by Bridey Heing

January 2016

Age of Blight by Kristine Ong Muslim | reviewed by Christopher Allen

Now We Will Be Happy by Amina Gautier | reviewed by Jeffrey Condran

My Father's Dreams by Evald Flisar | reviewed by Pedro Ponce

December 2015

Simone by Eduardo Lalo | reviewed by Greg Walklin

The Sorrow Proper by Lindsey Drager | reviewed by Joseph G. Peterson

Fissures by Grant Faulkner | reviewed by Susan Rukeyser

The Let Go by Jerry Gabriel | reviewed by Brian Seemann

November 2015

Tristano Dies by Antonio Tabucchi | reviewed by Tony Malone

Reconsolidation by Janice Lee | reviewed by Meghan Lamb

The Voiceover Artist by Dave Reidy | reviewed by Allison Pinkerton

October 2015

Valletta78 by Erin Fitzgerald | reviewed by Matt Rowan

Crepuscule W/ Nellie by Joe Milazzo | reviewed by Stuart Ross

Farabeuf by Salvador Elizondo | reviewed by Tony Malone

Flash Fiction International | reviewed by Pedro Ponce

September 2015

The Last Pilot by Benjamin Johncock | reviewed by D.A. Wetherell

The Story of My Teeth by Valeria Luiselli | reviewed by Amalia Gladhart

My Father Is an Angry Storm Cloud by Melissa Reddish | reviewed by Christopher Santantasio

The New York Stories by Ben Tanzer | reviewed by Caleb Tankersley

August 2015

Fate Moreland's Widow by John Lane | reviewed by Bridey Heing

Principles of Navigation by Lynn Sloan | reviewed by Molly Kugel Merkner

Her 37th Year, an Index by Suzanne Scanlon | reviewed by Meghan Lamb

The Seven Stages of Anger by Wendy J. Fox | reviewed by Christopher Linforth

The Dark Will End The Dark by Darrin Doyle | reviewed by Saul Lemerond

Big Venerable by Matt Rowan | reviewed by Kristin D. Urban

Ember Days by Nick Ripatrazone | reviewed by Jenny Ruth Partica

Theories of Forgetting by Lance Olsen | reviewed by Erica Olsen

From Here by Jen Michalski | reviewed by Brian Seemann

Where Alligators Sleep by Sheldon Lee Compton | reviewed by James Claffey

July 2015

On the Way by Cyn Vargas | reviewed by Laura Knight Moretz

Anomie by Jeffrey Lockwood | reviewed by Matt King

The Half Brother by Holly LeCraw | reviewed by Bridey Heing

June 2015

Bewildered by Carla Panciera | reviewed by Diane Josefowicz

The Secret Games of Words by Karen Stefano | reviewed by Christopher Allen

Indolence by Alison Wellford | reviewed by Susan Jupp

Liner Notes by James Brubaker | reviewed by Bayard Godsave

Binary Star by Sarah Gerard | reviewed by Justin Stephani

May 2015

Little is Left to Tell by Steven Hendricks | reviewed by Grant Gerald Miller

Dash in the Blue Pacific by Cole Alpaugh | reviewed by D. A. Wetherell

The Legacy of Lost Things by Aida Zilelian | reviewed by Nancy Agabian

April 2015

The Goddess of Small Victories by Yannick Grannec | reviewed by Susan Jupp

A Tree Born Crooked by Steph Post | reviewed by Matt Kimberlin

McGlue by Ottessa Moshfegh | reviewed by Leland Cheuk

Shape of the Sky by Shelagh Connor Shapiro | reviewed by Benjamin Woodard

March 2015

Shorter Days by Anna Katharina Hahn | reviewed by Laura Knight Moretz

Whisper Hollow by Chris Cander | reviewed by Ariell Cacciola

Discomfort by Evelyn Hampton | reviewed by Bayard Godsave

Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend by Erika T. Wurth | reviewed by Caleb Tankersley

Fancy by Jeremy M. Davies | reviewed by Dave Gunton

February 2015

The Black Signs by Lars Mørch Finborud
 | reviewed by Ryan Burden

The Petals of Your Eyes by Aimee Parkison | reviewed by Diane Josefowicz

Self-Portrait in Green by Marie NDiaye | reviewed by Rebecca Hussey

January 2015

Addicts & Basements by Robert Vaughan | reviewed by James Claffey

Paris by Marcos Giralt Torrente | reviewed by Greg Walklin

Together, Apart by Ben Hoffman | reviewed by Doug Benerofe

Bright Shards of Someplace Else by Monica McFawn | reviewed by Caitlin Corrigan

December 2014

Fat Man and Little Boy by Mike Meginnis | reviewed by Catherine Gammon

In Certain Circles by Elizabeth Harrower | reviewed by Maia Nikitina

Prague Summer by Jeffrey Condran | reviewed by Rachel May

Above Sugar Hill by Linda Mannheim | reviewed by Jaime Robles

Coyote by Colin Winnette | reviewed by Christopher Allen

November 2014

In the Season of Blood and Gold by Taylor Brown | reviewed by Brian Seemann

Unaccompanied Minors by Alden Jones | reviewed by Siân Griffiths

Come By Here by Tom Noyes | reviewed by Jackie Thomas-Kennedy

Rainey Royal by Dylan Landis | reviewed by Rachel S. Cordasco

Beautiful Soon Enough by Margo Berdeshevsky | reviewed by Catherine Gammon

October 2014

Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones | reviewed by Rory Fleming

Blacken Me Blacken Me Growled by Cassandra Troyan | reviewed by Caleb Tankersley

Galaga by Michael Kimball | reviewed by Curtis Smith

Thrown by Kerry Howley | reviewed by Matthew Wake

Bald New World by Peter Tieryas Liu | reviewed by Catherine Gammon

September 2014

The Poison that Purifies You by Elizabeth Kadetsky | reviewed by Diane Josefowicz

Bigfoot and the Baby by Ann Gelder | reviewed by Claire Blechman

Carry the Sky by Kate Gray | reviewed by Julia Fine

Young Skins by Colin Barrett | reviewed by Christopher Allen

Doll Palace by Sara Lippmann | reviewed by Christopher Allen

August 2014

Every Kiss a War by Leesa Cross-Smith | reviewed by Benjamin Woodard

Miruna: a Tale by Bogdan Suceavă | reviewed by Stephen Piccarella

Land of Love and Drowning by Tiphanie Yanique | reviewed by Rebecca Hussey

Mountainfit by Meera Lee Sethi | reviewed by Erica Olsen

Not the End by Kate Vane | reviewed by Susan Jupp

Aaron's Leap by Magdaléna Platzová | reviewed by Tyler Koshakow

New publisher spotlight: Readux Books | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Uncertainty Principle by rob mclennan | reviewed by Sheldon Lee Compton

An Unsuitable Princess by Jane Rosenberg LaForge | reviewed by Diane Josefowicz

July 2014

Echo Lake by Letitia Trent | reviewed by Ariell Cacciola

Dead Stars by Álvaro Bisama | reviewed by Greg Walklin

BYRD by Kim Church | reviewed by Anna Stusser

Train Shots by Vanessa Blakeslee | reviewed by Rebecca Hussey

June 2014

Commentary (A Tale) by Marcelle Sauvageot | reviewed by J.M. Gamble

Backswing by Aaron Burch | reviewed by Curtis Smith

A Shelter of Others by Charles Dodd White | reviewed by Brian Seemann

Dreaming Rodin by John Michael Flynn | reviewed by Benjamin Woodard

Understudies by Ravi Mangla | reviewed by Claudia Smith

A Handful of Sand by Marinko Koščec | reviewed by Tim Ellison

The Otherwise Fables by Oscar Mandel | reviewed by Avgi Meleti

What Happened Here by Bonnie ZoBell | reviewed by Laryssa Wirstiuk

Sad Robot Stories by Mason Johnson | reviewed by Kelsie Hahn

The Best Book in the World by Peter Stjernström | reviewed by Simon Collinson

Out of Dublin by Ethel Rohan | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

May 2014

Colony Collapse by J.A. Tyler | reviewed by Bayard Godsave

An Untamed State by Roxane Gay | reviewed by Thomas Michael Duncan

Thanksgiving by Ellen Cooney | reviewed by Caitlin Corrigan

The Reluctant Cannibals by Ian Flitcroft | reviewed by Susan Jupp

A Fairy Tale by Jonas T. Bengtsson | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Threshold by David Hartley | reviewed by Winnie Khaw

April 2014

The Heart of June by Mason Radkoff | reviewed by Alex DeBonis

Conquistador of the Useless by Joshua Isard | reviewed by Curtis Smith

The Whiskey Baron by Jon Sealy | reviewed by Brian Seemann

March 2014

Quarry Light by Claudia Smith | reviewed by Patrick Thomas Henry

The Swimmers by Joaquín Pérez Azaústre | reviewed by Liam Bishop

Praying Drunk by Kyle Minor | reviewed by James Yates

I Stole the Rain by Elisa Ruotolo | reviewed by James Claffey

Songs for the Deaf by John Henry Fleming | reviewed by Sarah Suksiri

The Death of Fidel Pérez by Elizabeth Huergo | reviewed by Olivia Chadha

Canicule by Louis Armand | reviewed by Bayard Godsave

August by Christa Wolf | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Commercial Fiction by Dave Housley | reviewed by J.M. Gamble

February 2014

The Other Room by Kim Triedman | reviewed by Susan Rukeyser

How to Shake the Other Man by Derek Palacio | reviewed by Brian Seemann

Mira Corpora by Jeff Jackson | reviewed by James Yates

Liliane's Balcony by Kelcey Parker | reviewed by Laura Knight Moretz

January 2014

Half as Happy by Gregory Spatz | reviewed by Jackie Thomas-Kennedy

The Greenhouse by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

BTW by Jarett Kobek | reviewed by Curtis Smith

The Dark by Sergio Chejfec | reviewed by Tara Olmsted

December 2013

Where is My Mask of an Honest Man? by Laura Del-Rivo | reviewed by Amber Kelly-Anderson

Cartilage and Skin by Michael James Rizza | reviewed by Kelsie Hahn

You Only Get Letters from Jail by Jodi Angel | reviewed by Brian Seemann

Search Party by Valerie Trueblood | reviewed by Susan Rukeyser

The Decline of Pigeons by Janice Deal | reviewed by Matthew Kabik

November 2013

Housebound by Elizabeth Gentry | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Virgins by Pamela Erens | reviewed by Ed Davis

The Taste of Marmalade by Tessa McWatt | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Microtones by Robert Vaughan | reviewed by Nancy Freund

My Beauty by Rowena Macdonald | reviewed by Thomas Michael Duncan

Bess by Daphne Gottlieb | reviewed by Paula McGrath

First Book of Frags by Dave Lordan | reviewed by Philip Coleman

October 2013

Red Room:New Short Stories Inspired by the Brontës | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Hypothetical Girl by Elizabeth Cohen | reviewed by Maria Anderson

Sorrow by Catherine Gammon | reviewed by Erin Lewenauer

Goodnight Nobody by Ethel Rohan | reviewed by James Claffey

September 2013

TAMPA by Alissa Nutting | reviewed by Michael Wayne Hampton

Chasing the King of Hearts by Hanna Krall | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Man Who Noticed Everything by Adrian Van Young | reviewed by Jackie Thomas-Kennedy

Paper Dreams | reviewed by Curtis Smith

August 2013

Beacons: Stories for our not so distant future | reviewed by Caitlin Corrigan

Grey Cats by Adam Biles | reviewed by Susan Jupp

An Elegy for Mathematics by Anne Valente | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Little Raw Souls by Steven Schwartz | reviewed by Brian Seemann

Only Fools Die of Heartbreak by Thor Garcia | reviewed by Gabino Iglesias

Spolia | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Hauptbahnhof by Joanna Walsh | reviewed by Bobbi Lurie

Death of a Ladies' Man by Christiana Spens | reviewed by Maria Anderson

The Miracles of Ordinary Men by Amanda Leduc | reviewed by Patrick Thomas Henry

Fun Camp by Gabe Durham | reviewed by Michael Wayne Hampton

July 2013

Bear Season by Bernie Hafeli | reviewed by Kristen Orser

The Consummation of Dirk by Jonathan Callahan | reviewed by Charles Dodd White

Flashes of War by Katey Schultz | reviewed by Jeffrey Condran

Beasts & Men by Curtis Smith | reviewed by Matthew Kabik

What You Are Now Enjoying by Sarah Gerkensmeyer | reviewed by Maggie Desmond-O'Brien

June 2013

Entertaining Strangers by Jonathan Taylor | reviewed by Paula McGrath

Last Call in the City of Bridges by Salvatore Pane | reviewed by Michael Wayne Hampton

The Great Disappointment by Kathryn Dow | reviewed by Nancy Freund

Is That You, John Wayne? by Scott Garson | reviewed by Curtis Smith

I Am Holding Your Hand by Myfanwy Collins | reviewed by Brian Seemann

Grind by Mark Maynard | reviewed by Joe Trinkle

Make It Stay by Joan Frank | reviewed by Susan Jupp

Spark by Courtney Elizabeth Mauk | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Strategies Against Extinction by Michael Nye | reviewed by Ursula Villarreal-Moura

The Brain Harvest by Ken Nash | reviewed by Ryan Werner

May 2013

Haven's Wake by Ladette Randolph | reviewed by Kathy Fish

Building Waves by Taeko Tomioka | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

One by Blake Butler and Vanessa Place | reviewed by Peter Tieryas Liu

April 2013

A Floating Life by Tad Crawford | reviewed by Nancy Freund

Almost Gone by Brian Sousa | reviewed by Ethel Rohan

The Way We Sleep | reviewed by Michael Beeman

Low Down Death Right Easy by J. David Osborne | reviewed by Michael J. Seidlinger

March 2013

SaltWater by Lane Ashfeldt | reviewed by Paula McGrath

The Way of the Dog by Sam Savage | reviewed by Steve Himmer

The Briefcase by Hiromi Kawakami | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

18% Gray by Zachary Karabashliev | reviewed by Tara Cheesman

February 2013

The Mere Weight of Words by Carissa Halston | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

In the Body by Allison Baggio | reviewed by Shawn Syms

The Plum Rains by John Givens | reviewed by Susan Jupp

Stupid Children by Lenore Zion | reviewed by Thomas Michael Duncan

January 2013

Tell Everyone I Said Hi by Chad Simpson | reviewed by Jess Stoner

A Bouquet by Karel Jaromir Erben | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

December 2012

Best European Fiction 2013 | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Heart of Scorpio by Joseph Avski | reviewed by Ursula Villarreal-Moura

My Mother was an Upright Piano by Tania Hershman | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

November 2012

People With Holes by Heather Fowler | reviewed by Jess Stoner

A Floating World by Karen Best | reviewed by Matt Dube

The Murder of Halland by Pia Juul | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Same Terrible Storm by Sheldon Lee Compton | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

October 2012

The House Enters the Street by Gretchen E. Henderson | reviewed by Jess Stoner

Àgua Viva by Clarice Lispector | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Little Sinners by Karen Brown | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The White Goddess by Simon Gough | reviewed by Steve Himmer

September 2012

Breakfast At Midnight by Louis Armand | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Lesser Apocalypses by Bayard Godsave | reviewed by Wendy Lotterman

Hymnal for Dirty Girls by Rebekah Matthews | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Names of Things by John Colman Wood | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

August 2012

The Sky Conducting by Michael Seidlinger | reviewed by Jess Stoner

I Burn Paris by Bruno Jasieński | reviewed by Laura McCune Poplin

Rim/Wave by David Giannini | reviewed by Wendy Lotterman

Radio Iris by Anne-Marie Kinney | reviewed by Steve Himmer

July 2012

Shut Up/Look Pretty | reviewed by Jillian Phillips

The Maladjusted by Derek Hayes | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Revelation by Colin Winnette | reviewed by Jess Stoner

Elsewhere, California by Dana Johnson | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Islands by Carlos Gamerro | reviewed by Steve Himmer

June 2012

Into This World by Sybil Baker | reviewed by Susan Jupp

Fame & Madness in America by Garrett Socol | reviewed by Nancy Freund

The China Factory by Mary Costello | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

May 2012

Jailed by Myra Sherman | reviewed by Jess Stoner

Kino by Jürgen Fauth | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Miss Fuller by April Bernard | reviewed by Nancy Freund

The Lola Quartet by Emily St. John Mandel | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

April 2012

Light Without Heat by Matthew Kirkpatrick | reviewed by Robert Kloss

Variations of a Brother War by J.A. Tyler | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Love Sketches by David Appleby | reviewed by Susan Jupp

All Her Father's Guns by James Warner | reviewed by Nancy Freund

The State of Kansas by Julianna Spallholz | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

March 2012

Crash & Tell by Lori Baker | reviewed by Jess Stoner

The Fallback Plan by Leigh Stein | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

We Bury the Landscape by Kristine Ong Muslim | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

February 2012

In the Time of the Blue Ball by Manuela Draeger | reviewed by Jess Stoner

Echolocation by Myfanwy Collins | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Laikonik Express by Nick Sweeney | reviewed by Susan Jupp

January 2012

And Also Sharks by Jessica Westhead | reviewed by Jess Stoner

The Mimic's Own Voice by Tom Williams | reviewed by Laura McCune Poplin

Omicron Ceti III by Thomas P. Balázs | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Brothers by Asko Sahlberg | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

December 2011

A Friend in the Police by John Givens | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Ayiti by Roxane Gay | reviewed by Thomas Michael Duncan

How to Stop Loving Someone by Joan Connor | reviewed by Ashley Cowger

November 2011

Sherry & Narcotics by Nina-Marie Gardner | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Amazing Adult Fantasy by A.D. Jameson | reviewed by Jess Stoner

Bohemian Girl by Terese Svoboda | reviewed by Steve Himmer

October 2011

Bear Down, Bear North by Melinda Moustakis | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

the stinging fly: issue 18 | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

September 2011

So You Know It's Me by Brian Oliu | reviewed by Laura McCune Poplin

Death Wishing by Laura Ellen Scott | reviewed by Amye Archer

The Indefinite State of Imaginary Morals by Rae Bryant | reviewed by Beth Posniak Fiencke

August 2011

The Vanishing Point of Desire by Vi Khi Nao | reviewed by Jess Stoner

Katzenjammered by Norma Kassirer | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Girl with Brown Fur by Stacey Levine | reviewed by Steve Himmer

Domestic Apparition by Meg Tuite | reviewed by Faye Rapoport DesPres

How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive by Christopher Boucher | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Unfinished by Lily Hoang | reviewed by Jess Stoner

The New Moscow Philosophy by Vyacheslav Pyetsukh | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

June 2011

Normally Special by xTx | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Daddy's by Lindsay Hunter | reviewed by Chelsea Biondolillo

Various Men Who Knew Us as Girls by Cris Mazza | reviewed by Valerie Nieman

May 2011

How I Lost the War by Filippo Bologna | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

apt, a literary journal | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

When Pacino's Hot, I'm Hot by Robert Levin | reviewed by Nancy Freund

Giraffes in Hiding by Carol Novack | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

April 2011

Abbott Awaits by Chris Bachelder | reviewed by Steve Himmer

Seven Years by Peter Stamm | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Nahoonkara by Peter Grandbois | reviewed by Ben Forsberg

Marry or Burn by Valerie Trueblood | reviewed by John Oliver Perry

March 2011

I Have Touched You by Gregory Sherl | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Sum of His Syndromes by K. B. Dixon | reviewed by Nancy Freund

Peter Never Came by Ashley Cowger | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Impotent by Matthew Roberson | reviewed by C.J. Opperthauser

February 2011

My Business is to Create by Eric G. Wilson | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Orange Suitcase by Joseph Riippi | reviewed by Nancy Freund

Blood Lotus #19 | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

January 2011

Where We Going, Daddy by Jean-Louis Fournier | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Gasoline by Quim Monzo | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones

The Mothering Coven by Joanna Ruocco | reviewed by Michelle Bailat-Jones