Arden by Craig Chanin

Snow is falling in our bedroom and Arden is crying. I’m kneeling naked at the foot of the mattress, pointing a flashlight at the ceiling. “Well?” my wife says.

Book Reviews

The Refugees by Viet Thanh Nguyen

About his 1980 novel Antwerp, Chilean author Roberto Bolaño once said: “I wrote this book for the ghosts, who, because they’re outside of time, are the only ones with time.” In an age of closing borders and building walls, it is no surprise that Viet Thanh Nguyen, author of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Sympathizer, has included this as one of the opening quotes to his debut collection of short fiction, The Refugees.


Research Notes

Juan Martinez on Best Worst American

The short stories in Best Worst American draw from, among other places, a flotsam of visual arcana that I adore and am super glad I have a chance to share here.



Family Pack by Michelle Syba

I like to work when it’s dark. When the morning rush starts, half my day is over. From the ovens I glimpse customers’ tired bored faces as they wait in line to start their day.

Book Reviews

Isra Isle by Nava Semel, tr Jessica Cohen

It’s rare to read a book as brave and brilliant as Israeli author Nava Semel’s Isra Isle, a book that defies classification.


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Tom McAllister on The Young Widower's Handbook

When people ask how my wife feels about my having written a book about a young man’s wife dying, I tell them she’s the one who helped me kill her.



On Behalf of Women by Liz Betz

On behalf of women, don’t share the story your friend just emailed you about her fight with her husband. There is nothing to gain by it…



An interview with Amina Gautier

Amina Gautier talks to Siân Griffiths about writing, publishing, and her work.

Book Reviews

Heirlooms by Rachel Hall

Rachel Hall’s Heirlooms is a series of related stories set in France during World War II and in the US and Israel in the decades following. Characters reappear across the fifteen stories that make up the collection, and their development across time produces a satisfying, cumulative effect.


Research Notes

Laura Ellen Scott on The Mean Bone in her Body

The Mean Bone in Her Body is my most intentional mystery novel, the first of the New Royal Mysteries series, set in a college/prison town called New Royal, Ohio. It’s about what happens when a disturbed graduate student from a newly launched crime writing program stumbles onto a local murder scene.



Pillow Talk by Paula Read

He opened his hand to reveal the peach pit he’d found under her pillow that morning. It rested dry and dull against his wedding ring. His other hand dropped from a pat on Lalo’s shoulder to a suggestive caress of her hip through her nightdress. She felt her skin retract against the bone but didn’t flinch.