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Polka Dot Swimsuit by Sudha Balagopal

I sit on a plastic seat by the motel pool, my skin turning red. Above, palm trees sway in the hot breeze and offer little shade. I long to be in the water.



Lingerie by E.J. Schwartz

My grandma likes to buy me lingerie. When I get the free time and Ben is busy, I visit her and we go shopping so she can buy me a new see-through nightgown.



Tea by Rosa Boshier

On her daily adventures she collected things — sweet wrappers she found on the side of the road, discarded pins from a museum visit, poorly developed photographs, chewed up library pencils.



An Interview with Ivelisse Rodriguez

As its title suggests, love is at the center of Ivelisse Rodriguez’s debut short story collection Love War Stories. Or, to be more exact, the concept of love is what comes under fire.


Book Reviews

Floating Notes by Babak Lakghomi

Floating Notes by Babak Lakghomi is in equal parts sure-footed and disorienting. Beyond simply telling a story, the experimental thriller works to involve the reader in the experience of paranoia.



Blind Date with Ellipsis (and others) by Melissa Goodrich

The café is crowded, so the ellipsis is easy to spot.

Paused right in the middle of someone’s sentence.


Book Reviews

Eventide by Therese Bohman, tr Marlaine Delargy

Eventide: the title in English of this excellent third novel by Swedish author Therese Bohman is literary, poetic, old-fashioned.



Lost Splendors by Ulrica Hume

“I have a theory,” she said on their first date, which was at an Indian restaurant where the music was a lovely singsong but the chef seemed enraged as he clapped a ball of dough between his hands, then threw it into the flames.



Mother Had a Strong Arm by Mason Binkley

I watched her transform by the sink over years and years. Black hair turning silver. Skin wrinkling. Fingers bending from arthritis. “These dishes take forever,” she would say.



Why the Moon Wanes by K.C. Mead-Brewer

On her thirteenth birthday, Susannah pledged herself to the moon. She grew up taller than a sunflower, spoke fluent cacti, trained snakes, and won every spitting contest on the continent.



An Interview with Renee Simms

Renee Simms discusses her debut collection Meet Behind Mars.