The Moths by Dan Schwartz

Ed had too many problems to go on living the way he was, so he moved again and started over in a new city, one with cheaper rents and fewer cars. He got along for awhile.

Book Reviews

Love by Hanne Ørstavik, tr Martin Aitken

Toward the beginning of Hanne Ørstavik’s novella Love, protagonist Vibeke muses to herself while looking out of her living room window onto the small Norwegian village where she has recently moved. She thinks, “We need to address architecture, the way it brings things together.”



A Family Unit by Dan Nielsen

They boarded the crowded train in Kenosha. Marjorie sat in the only empty seat. Next to a sailor.


Book Reviews

Restless Souls by Dan Sheehan

Male culture in America and elsewhere is at the center of a critical storm in 2018, at least when it’s not being hauled off in handcuffs or fired. This may not be the best year for the release of a bro-book. Still, for lovers of a good story, and those interested in a subtle revisioning of masculinity, Dan Sheehan’s novel delivers the goods.


Research Notes

Tom McAllister on How To Be Safe

I started compiling notes on How to Be Safe in the days after the Sandy Hook school shooting. Like all rational people, I was outraged and horrified, and I wanted to do something with that rage and horror by writing my own school shooting book.



The Whale by TM Upchurch

Why are the whales all throwing themselves up on the beaches; do they not know by the scraping of sand on their belly, by the flush of air along their flanks, that this is not the place for them?


Book Reviews

Black Sugar by Miguel Bonnefoy, tr Emily Boyce

The opening image of Miguel Bonnefoy’s Black Sugar — a pirate ship marooned in the canopy of a rainforest — invites the suspension of disbelief necessary to fully appreciating the rest of the book.



Whimper County, Wisconsin, Date Unknown by Carl Fuerst

Gracely stumbled off the train and onto a rickety platform. The low clouds above her had the shape and color of oyster gills.


Book Reviews

Mammother by Zachary Schomburg

The plot of Mammother moves quickly. Every page or two leads to another death or transformation in the town of Pie Time, the fabulist community where the novel is set…



The Announcement by Luca Ricci, tr Tim Cummins

In the cooling evening, the convoy lurched along. At every hairpin bend the lead car honked their horn to alert people coming the other way of our presence. Someone got out and started vomiting up their aperitif.

Book Reviews

A Long Curving Scar Where the Heart Should Be by Quintan Ana Wikswo

Pulsing at the center of Quintan Ana Wikswo’s lush new novel, A Long Curving Scar Where the Heart Should Be, is a huge white house on a hill—a house inhabited by three women, abandoned by the man they love, and the outcasts they succor.