Research Notes

Research Notes: One Kind Favor

Artists commit ourselves to exploring the dark and luminous beauty that is before us; we avoid assuming that what is pretty is ever truly beautiful. I believe that no matter the nature of our projects, we discern that the question, “Is this engaging?” is not enough.


House Call by Samika Swift

Water pushed across the floor of the basement, gray paint loosening in large mushroom blooms, chips bubbling and floating away.


Book Reviews

Higher Ground by Anke Stelling, tr Lucy Jones

Resi, the narrator of Higher Ground, is a writer, a wife, and a mother; middle-aged and raging against her own departed mother, she dreams of family while straining against the ideal of the nuclear.


The Linebackers of Waikiki by Melissa Llanes Brownlee

We catch the bus to Waikiki on a Saturday, leaving our dormitories on the mountain behind.


Book Reviews

The Paper Garden by Caitlin Vance

In her debut collection of fiction, Caitlin Vance doesn’t deconstruct the barriers between genres so much as insist that those barriers never existed…

Research Notes

A. Natasha Joukovsky on The Portrait of a Mirror

Influenced by Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, where he tracks allusions to whales and cetology, I kept a running list of references to The Portrait of a Mirror’s four main themes: recursion, innovation, mythology, and glamour.


Notes Left Hanging by Evan James Sheldon

I had come to dinner at my father’s — our monthly ritual — but after the smoked brisket he left. I did the dishes, then looked for him out back and found him dragging a piano into the backyard.


Book Reviews

Late Summer by Luiz Ruffato, tr Julia Sanches

On a sweltering day in early spring, Oséias appears on his sister’s doorstep like a ghost.

Research Notes

Alice Kaltman on Dawg Towne

Back in the 1970’s when “dancing to the beat of a different drum” was applauded by some of my teachers and considered a sign of indolence by others, I was a good, but restless student.



Hey Ma by Erica L. Williams

You were sitting at the kitchen table when he told you he was moving to Hollywood to follow his dream of becoming an actor.


Book Reviews

Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller

Claire Fuller’s latest novel, Unsettled Ground, follows fifty-one-year-old twins Jeanie and Julius as they struggle to manage after their mother’s sudden death.