News · 03/21/2017

Books Available For Review

Please get in touch if you are interested in reviewing one of these books. All titles are available as ebooks unless otherwise indicated. We prefer to send print copies to reviewers we have worked with before. We are also willing to request review copies of books not listed here from publishers, but again prefer to do so for reviewers we have previously worked with.


Summer 2017

The Glamshack by Paul Cohen, 7.13 Books
The Parthenon Bomber by Christos Chrissopoulos, tr. John Cullen, Other Press (print)


Spring 2017

#triggerwarning by Coleen Kearon, Fomite Press
And Then by Donald Breckenridge, Black Sparrow Books (print)
Blue Field by Elise Levine, Biblioasis
Dreamlives of Debris by Lance Olsen, Dzanc Books
The Fifth Wall by Rachel Nagelberg, Black Sparrow Books (print)
A Fortune Foretold by Agneta Pleijel, tr. Marlaine Delargy, Other Press (print)
The Hunger Saint by Olivia Kate Cerrone, Bordighera Press
Milena, or The Most Beautiful Femur in the World by Jorge Zepeda Patterson, tr. Adrian Nathan West, Restless Books (print)
Nights as Day, Days as Night by Michel Leiris, tr. Richard Sieburth, Spurl Editions
Not One Day by Anne Garréta, tr. Emma Ramadan, Deep Vellum (print)
Panorama by Dušan Šarotar, tr. Rawley Grau, Peter Owen/Istros Books
Quicksand by Malin Persson Giolito, tr. Rachel Willson-Broyles, Other Press (print)
She Named Him Michael by Heather Rounds, Ink Press Productions
The Spoils by Casey Pycior, Switchgrass Books/Northern Illinois U Press
Three Loves, One Death by Evald Flisar, tr. David Limon, Peter Owen/Istros Books
Vanishing Point by E. V. Legters, Lethe Press
The Yellow House by Jeroen Blokhuis, tr. Asja Novak, Holland Park Press


Winter 2016-17

Sonata in K by Karen An-hwei Lee, Ellipsis Press (print)
Apocalypse All the Time by David S. Atkinson, Literary Wanderlust
Breathing Into Marble by Laura Sintija Černiauskaitė, tr. Marija Marcinkute, Noir Press (print)
Legal Asylum: A Comedy by Paul Goldstein, Ankerwycke Books
Lightwood by Steph Post, Polis Books
Making Love While Levitating Three Feet in the Air by Jeff Fearnside, Stephen F. Austin State U Press (print)
Metronome by Oliver Langmead, Unsung Stories
One Good Mama Bone by Bren McClain, Story River Books (print)
The Origins of Benjamin Hackett by Gerald M. O’ Connor, Down & Out Books
The Pavilion of Former Wives by Jonathan Baumbach, Dzanc Books (print)
Sanding Down Gravestones by Lars Mørch Finborud, tr. Becky Crook, Broken Dimanche Press (print)
When He Sprang From His Bed, Staggered Backward, And Fell Dead, We Clung Together With Faint Hearts, And Mutely Questioned Each Other by Christoper Kang, Green Mountains Review Books


Fall 2016

Among the Living by Jonathan Rabb, Other Press (print)
Beneath the Coyote Hills by William Luvaas, Spuyten Duyvil
Blood of the Dawn by Claudia Salazar Jiménez, tr. Elizabeth Bryer, Deep Vellum (print)
The Bogeyman Chronicles by Craig Watson, ThunderPoint Publishing
Eve Out of Her Ruins by Ananda Devi, tr. Jeffery Zuckerman, Deep Vellum (print)
Everything There Was by Hanna Bervoets, tr. Florian Duijsens, Frisch & Co.
The Expense of a View by Polly Buckingham, U of North Texas Press
Father Figure by Lamar Herrin, Fomite Press
Good People by Nir Baram, tr. Jeffrey Green, Text Publishing
The Hermit by Thomas Rydahl, tr. K.E. Semmel, Oneworld
Hot Season by Susan DeFreitas, Harvard Square Editions
Monsieur de Bougrelon by Jean Lorrain, tr. Eva Richter, Spurl Editions
No Place to Pray by James Carpenter, Twisted Road Publications
The Real Natasha by Michael Leone, Braddock Ave Books
Skyscraper by Scott Alexander Hess, Lethe Press
The Ugly by Alexander Boldizar, Brooklyn Arts Press
What are the Blind Men Dreaming? by Noemi Jaffe, tr. Julia Sanches and Ellen Elias-Bursać, Deep Vellum (print)
Wounded Tongue by Garrett Dennert, Orson’s Publishing
A Zero-Sum Game by Eduardo Rabasa, tr. Christina MacSweeney, Deep Vellum (print)