News · 06/25/2010

Writer In Residence, July 2010

It’s a pleasure to announce that our Writer In Residence for July 2010 will be none other than William Walsh, who is — for my money — one of the most exciting, engaging writers around. As Ben Tanzer remarked recently, “one thing we are always struck by regardless of what we’re reading of his, is Walsh’s almost restless curiosity.”

His prose is so ranging and energetic, in fact, that you might be surprised — as I was — by his calm, soft-spoken demeanor in person. But a writer who gives so much to the page, who wrestles so hard to bend words to his will (his own words, of course, as well as those he’s “borrowed” from other writers), has earned a calm that comes only from completing some serious work. Work that is grounded and guided, I’d guess, by that curiosity and by a confidence in his ideas — he writes for himself, and in doing so writes for us all. It’s always clear William Walsh is “enjoying the hell out of the process,” as Chris Heavener puts it, but I bet he’d be doing it pretty much the same way without readers. A more than passing similarity to his admired Steve Martin, I’d say.

As John Madera wrote at Big Other, “Walsh is another writer who bubbles with ideas and then realizes them on the page. You never know what he’s going to come up with next.” We’re thrilled that whatever it is he comes up with next, he’ll be doing it here as our Writer In Residence.