News ยท 04/04/2011

We have a winner!

William Walsh has chosen a winner in our giveaway of the Re: Telling anthology he edited. Here’s the decision:

It’s hard to beat Gone With the Wind, but there is already an interesting re-telling of it out there — The Wind Done Gone, by Alice Randall, which retells the story from a female slave’s POV.

Alec Bryan’s “recasting” of the Odyssey, with soundtrack, was a strong contender. Jeff Vande Zande’s conflation of the Addams family with Chopin’s The Awakening made me think about Lurch in a new way. But since the actor who played Lurch (Ted Cassidy) also played the role Thing T. Thing, the “hand” in the Addams Family, my feeling is Lurch didn’t have much downtime to dwell on his feelings.

The winner is Doug Paul Case. I like how he wants to bring character development and backstory to one of the longest-running PlayStation games.

Thanks, William, and congratulations to Doug and the runners-up, and thanks to all who entered.