News ยท 05/24/2010

Roxane Gay, Writer-In-Residence

We are thrilled to announce that our first Writer-In-Residence will be Roxane Gay, beginning her tenure on June 1.

If you spend any time reading online — and you must, if you’re reading this — you already know her name and know that she’s everywhere. As an editor of both PANK and, until recently, Emprise Review, she is a tireless champion of writers and their work (and if for some reason you need proof of that tirelessness, read one of her comprehensive news updates at the PANK blog).

Her stories are published widely, including “Things I Know About Fairy Tales” right here at NF. In fact, we nominated that story for the Million Writers Award, where it was in good company: she had a staggering six stories nominated, leading series editor Jason Sanford to dub her “this year’s Tom Hanks of the online writing world.” Henry F. Toon, writing at New Pages, calls her, “an emerging star in the literary world,” and we couldn’t agree more.

She’s talented, generous, inexhaustible, and full of exciting ideas, so we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us all as the June 2010 Writer-In-Residence.