Research Notes · 12/25/2015

The Farmacist

Our Research Notes series invites authors to describe their process for a recent book, with “research” defined as broadly as they like. This week, Ashley Farmer writes about The Farmacist from Jellyfish Highway.


Research Index for The Farmacist

Adjunct, agrarian, ambition, ambivalence, American dream, animal, anxiety, apple trees, avatar

Banish, barn, beach, beta, bridge, buffering

California, car accident, cherry tree, chicken, coin, crop

Digital, disconnection, distance, doomsday

Escape, estrangement

Fable, Facebook, fake, farm, Farmer family, fascination, fear, fence, field, fishing, forget-me-not, fragment, freeway, frenetic

Game, gentrification, gridlock, gunshot, gut

Harvest, hay bale, hedge, home-sweet-home, hope

I, insomnia, instability, Instagram, Internet, iTunes

Joblessness, joy

Kinship, Kentucky

Laptop, lemon tree, livestock, loitering, Long Beach, longing, lottery

Machine, mansion, marigold, marriage, meritocracy

Naiveté, narrative, neighbor, newlywed, nostalgia

Ocean, opportunity, optimism

Pessimism, pixel, plow, pond, poppy, post, postage


Root, Romantic

Sand, scythe, sea, seed, shack, shed, silo, Southern California, stranger, sunset

Tension, thorn, traffic, tulip

Uncertainty, uniform, upward mobility

Verdant, violet, violence, volition

Wheat, wheelbarrow, Whitman, windmill



Zen, zinnia


Ashley Farmer is the author of The Farmacist (Jellyfish Highway Press, 2015), as well as Beside Myself (Tiny Hardcore Press, 2012) and The Women (forthcoming 2016 from Civil Coping Mechanisms). Her work can be found in places like The Progressive, Flaunt Magazine, Santa Monica Review, and Gigantic. An editor for Juked, she lives and works in Louisville, KY.