News ยท 10/27/2011

More to come

We make an effort to keep up with contributor news and share it here on our site, but now we’re going to expand those efforts by featuring other types of content on our blog: interviews, recommended reading, commentary on what’s happening in fiction, and we’ll see what else.

Joining reviews editor Michelle Bailat-Jones and myself will be Jess Stoner — who you’ll recall from her fine stint as Writer In Residence last month — and a newcomer to Necessary Fiction, Renee Zambo. Renee is a writer and yoga instructor in Chicago, Illinois. After a long stint at Columbia College Chicago, she graduated with a degree in Fiction Writing in the spring of 2011. Since then, she’s been working on novel length material and following the city’s literary scene from themed reads in wine lounges to story slams in corner bars.

So watch this space, and we hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come.