News ยท 12/30/2010

January 2011

For January 2011, our usual hosting of a Writer In Residence will be replaced by a month of fictional “first footing.” I won’t claim any expertise in the Scottish Hogmanay tradition beyond enthusiasm and past enjoyment, but the general idea is that the first person to cross your threshold in the new year — bringing gifts like whiskey, coal, coins, and cakes — sets your luck and fortune for coming seasons.

So for the next month I’ve invited our past contributors to let the last line of someone else’s story — whether from NF’s archives or elsewhere — get a foot in the door of their own fiction. Those borrowed lines and the gifts they offer will set the course for new stories the participants write in response, and the rest of us will have a month of good luck and good reading to kick off the year. Feel free to toss in a pint or dram as you prefer.