News · 01/09/2010

JA Tyler on 2009

Contributor JA Tyler (author of “The Wolves…” and “Of Wood”) writes in response to our recent question about what sparked imaginations in 2009.

In 2009 I saw the trailer for Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are. To this day, I cannot get that preview out of my head. And for me, it is not the full-length film that is at stake, but this small heart of the piece – the music (Arcade Fire) and the movement, the feel, the vibe, I could not wipe it from my head. I would watch it over and over and think YES, THAT IS WHAT I AM TRYING TO WRITE. I want that momentum, I want that push, I want that scatter and yet focus, that overwhelming passion and evocation even without the full story, without the full plot, just in the bits and pieces that scrambler together to form this unhinged, unhooked, vibrant mess of sound and color and moments. 2009, for me, was the year of that trailer, how I learned what else writing could do.