News ยท 01/11/2010

Doug Paul Case on 2009

Contributor Doug Paul Case (author of “Jumping Rooftops”) writes in response to our recent question about what sparked imaginations in 2009.

Excuse me for lit-crushing all over the place, but one thing that caught my attention in 2009 was Tim Jones-Yelvington’s reaction to Adam Lambert. Though I did buy and enjoy his debut album, I don’t fully understand Adam’s appeal; so reading Tim’s “Seducing Adam Lambert” at Storyglossia was an interesting experience. I don’t mean to project Tim onto his narrator, but it seems he is most fascinated with how Adam purposely manipulates how the public reacts to his persona. Despite knowing this, the narrator falls victim to Adam’s game during his (successful) attempts at seduction.

This fascinates me because celebrity fascinates me. Too often I wonder if such celebrities are “real.” Do they know what they’re doing? Are they someone’s puppets? Generally I’d think anyone coming out of American Idol is played from a string, but it was fun to watch Adam systematically buck the system — whether his actions were calculated or not. I mean… the man put a snake on his crotch! For Rolling Stone!

I appreciate the surprise of Adam and the surprise of Tim fictionalizing him. Hasn’t Tim done what this prompt is about? Converting the current to find something new? Something necessary? In looking at how people react to celebrity (inappropriately, at best), I’d say he has.