News · 05/08/2012

Double Time, a memoir by Jane Roper

Congratulations to Jane Roper, whose memoir Double Time: How I Survived — And Mostly Thrived — Through the First Three Years of Mothering Twins is published today by St. Martin’s Press. Here’s a description from the publisher’s website:

Double Time is an entertaining, up-close and very personal look at Jane Roper’s first three years raising twin daughters. From trying to get pregnant to processing the idea of twins, from round the clock feedings and diaper changes to the joy of watching “twinteractions” between her girls as their (very different!) personalities emerge, Jane tells all. Meanwhile, she struggles to keep a history of depression under control—and find answers when her symptoms get worse. All this while falling steadily in love with her duo as they grow from sleepy newborns to mischievous toddlers with a penchant for potty talk.