News ยท 02/26/2012

American Poet: A novel by Jeff Vande Zande

American Poet, a new novel by Jeff Vande Zande, is now available from Bottom Dog Press (and as an ebook, too). Here’s what Gina Myers had to say about it:

“This coming-of-age tale centers on a young poet, who is ill-prepared for and frustrated by the hometown he returns to, where he fights with his father and with himself. Set against the backdrop of a broken city and a failed relationship, the novel champions poetry and the underdog — whether it be our seemingly-incompetent narrator, a baseball team, or a failing non-profit. With American Poet, Jeff Vande Zande has written a love poem for the city of Saginaw, and, by extension, a love poem for Flint, Gary, Cleveland, or any forgotten city in the Rust Belt.”