Translation Notes

June 2018

Maybe Esther by Shelley Frisch

September 2016

Translating Alejandro Jodorowsky by Alfred MacAdam

The Comedy of Errors by Sophie Hughes

October 2015

The Sleep of the Righteous by Isabel Fargo Cole

September 2015

The Story of My Teeth by Christina MacSweeney

November 2014

Milk and Other Stories / Civil Twilight by K.E. Semmel

August 2014

A Tabby-cat's Tale by Nicky Harman

June 2014

Alma Venus by Adrian West

March 2014

A Fairy Tale by Charlotte Barslund

February 2014

The Conductor and Other Tales by Edward Gauvin

December 2013

Mr Darwin's Gardener by Emily Jeremiah

I Stole The Rain by Lisa McCreadie

October 2013

A Handful of Sand by Will Firth

Trafalgar by Amalia Gladhart

The Fata Morgana Books by Charlotte Mandell

September 2013

The Swimmers by Lucas Lyndes

Some Day by Yardenne Greenspan

Beauty On Earth by Michelle Bailat-Jones

Under This Terrible Sun by Megan McDowell